How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants To Get Back Together With You

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants To Get Back Together With You

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How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants To Get Back Together With You

Over 90% of all broken up relationships results with the couple getting back together, but, though such is the case, how can you really tell if your girlfriend is actually interested in getting back together with you, or if she belongs to the remaining 10% that is contented with the break up.

If you are a guy struggling with this question, you dont have to frustrate yourself any longer for there are ways wherein you can actually determine if your girlfriend wants to get back together with you or not. Here are a couple of things that can help you make that determination.

Keep In Contact

If an ex girlfriend stays in constant communication with you, there is a big possibility that she is still hoping to get back together with you. Keep in mind that no one wants to stay close and connected to their exs, not unless they are still hoping for some rekindling of lost romance.

Your ex may try to accomplish this by constantly trying to get some information about your daily routine, such as what your plans are for the day, or where you will be at a particular time, and who you will be hanging out with. These tidbits of information will actually help her keep in contact with you, and is a clear indication that she still wants to be a part of your life, even if you are broken up as of the moment.

Friendly Dates

Going out with your ex girlfriend, even if the invite is just for a friendly date, is also another indicator that your girlfriend might be trying to reconnect or re-establish a relationship with you once again. These friendly dates may appear harmless, especially if you are not suspecting a thing, but they can be a great way to get to reconnect with someone on a more romantic level. It is usually in these dates that you and your ex will get to talk about a lot of things about your relationship, including all the things that were and could-have-been. If your ex girlfriend occasionally invites you out for a friendly get together, chances are, she might be interested in getting back together with you.

Relationship Conversations

Another way to tell if your ex girlfriend wants to get together with you is if she often talks about your relationship with you, more importantly, the parts that you guys could have had if you didnt break up, or the parts that she especially loves and cant seem to forget. These topics are sure signs that your ex girlfriend is still thinking about you and your relationship, and are merely looking for signs or clues as to whether you would like to get back together with her as well or not.

Remember, in getting back together with an ex, neither party wants to instantly say that he or she wants the other to get back together with them since this may give them the appearance of being too needy or pushy, which is why your ex girlfriend may be using these conversations to stir up some reactions from you that can help her determine if you are interested or not.


If your ex girlfriend becomes jealous when she sees you with another woman, then that is a clear indicator that she is still harboring romantic feelings for you. However, you should exercise extreme caution when using this test to check if your girlfriend is still interested in getting back together with you since this can also backfire on you, especially if your girlfriend feels offended and hurt. Using this can actually drive your ex into the arms of another man, which is something that you dont want.

There is still no substitute for a good talk with your ex and discuss your relationship with her, but if talking to her is still not an option as of the moment, then you can actually use these small hints to determine if she indeed wants to get back together with you or not.


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